Amal Toronto

Amal Toronto

by Ink Venues


Amal is where the Lebanese spirit of joie de vivre comes to life. Where cuisine, sharing, enjoyment and simply living unite. It’s a voyage through time and place that embraces the pursuit of pleasure.
Amal aims to feed and provoke your soul, but above all, nourish it with hope.
Amal is a story. Amal is home.
One may come as a guest, but one always leaves as family.

Nothing speaks to the Lebanese culture more than its cuisine. Sharing is embedded in the values: each passing of our mezze and the breaking of freshly baked pita bread opens up a new conversation.
Executive Chef Rony Ghaleb serves up a vibrant cuisine with an unique selection of generous and easily sharable dishes that both embrace Lebanon’s traditional spices and coastal flavors, as it showcases our contemporary culinary vision.
Peppered with earthy spices, fresh herbs and the highest quality ingredients, Amal’s menu is a celebration of Lebanon’s most enamoured dishes. Genuine in character and components, yet innovative and modern in taste and presentation.


Amal Toronto
131 Bloor Street West. 2nd floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1R1


• 175 Main dining room banquet style
• 48 – 62 Terrace banquet style
• 80 Patio banquet style
• 500 Full venue reception style
• 30 Private Dining Room

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Published Date
April 6, 2015